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General information

Freight forwarding is a commercial activity aimed at providing and handling the transportation of all kinds of cargos. Freight forwarding services embrace o rganizing and enabling the transportation of export, import, transit or other cargos in accordance with the freight forwarding agreement.

Forwarding agent is an entre preneur registered in Ukraine in accordance with the effective legislation that, on request and at the expense of a client, carries out or organizes carrying out freight forwarding services stipulated in a relevant agreement.

Client is a legal ent ity or natural person that by either itself/himself or via a trustee commissions a forwarding agent with carrying out or organizing carrying out freight forwarding services stipulated in a ditto agreement and pays all costs and the forwarding agent’s fee.

Carrier is a legal entity or natural person that has accepted the obligations and responsibility, as stated in an agreement of cargo delivery, to deliver the cargo entrusted to him to its destination and hand the cargo over to the consignee or another party mentioned in the document governing the relations between the forwarding agent and the carrier.

Various entities and persons inv olved in transporting and freight forwarding procedures are clients, carriers, forwarding agents, transport agents, ports, railway stations, associations and special bodies of railway, air, road and seafaring transport, customs brokers and others carrying out work/rendering services to do with cargo delivery.


To execute their clients’ commissions, freight forwarding agents conclude agreements with carriers, ports, air-carriers, shipping companies, which can be both residents and non-residents of Ukraine. Freight agents primarily aim to fulfil the client’s commission, in particular, ensure that the goods under transportation reach the destination as stated in the freight forwarding agreement at stipulated time and price. Forwarding services are rendered in export, import, transit and other operations entailing carrying goods over the territory of Ukraine.

On client’s instruction, forwarding agents will:

  • ensure optimal conditions of the transportation of goods by various transport means within Ukraine or abroad on the basis of agreements/contracts made in accordance with the “INCOTERMS”
  • assist at chartering domestic and foreign vessels and engaging other transport means as well as arrange for loading/unloading cargo in ports, at railwaystations, warehouses and termini
  • effect acceptance, accumulation a nd division of batches of goods, or their refining, sorting, storing and transporting;
  • monitor arrival and departure of goods in ports, at railway stations, warehouses and termini arrange, by engaging related organizations and bodies, for guarding goods at their transit, tr ans-shipment or storage
  • arrange for expert examinations of cargos
  • draw up and legalize shipping documentat ion and file it within Ukraine and abroad
  • submit, in accordance with the current legislation, requests and orders for shipment to those involved in transporting and freight forwarding procedures
  • insure cargos
  • arrange for pre parations necessary for the rolling-stock and cargo as legally required by the type of transport involved
  • optimize the route of cargos from consigners to consignees and thus minimize the costs
  • effect payments to ports and transport organizations for shipment, trans-shipment and st orage of export and import goods
  • legalize documents and take measures to meet customs, quarantine and sanitary requirements
  • render other complimentary services that are conditioned by the agreement and not in conflict with the legislation in force.


  • In accordance with the legislation, freight forwarding agents can unite to form free-will associations, leagues, unions, etc.
  • Voluntary associations will pursue the following goals:
  • coordinating activities of its members
  • acquiring a competitive edge through b etter professional training and better quality of service
  • protecting the interests of its members in government offices
  • playing a role in mapping out laws regulating transportation a nd forwarding business
  • looking for ways to better serve their clients’ interests and to further benefit the state in carrying out export/import cargo shipments
  • integrating into the world market of transportation and forwarding services
  • participating in the work of international transportation and forwarding orga nizations.

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