General information about company Uniship Service

Our history

Uniship Service Ltd. was established in 1996 and since that time we actively participate in the local and international shipping business. Our leading specialists have undergone special maritime training and possess extensive expertise acquired at the Azov sea navigation lines, in the commercial sea port of Berdyansk and various seafaring offices overseas.

At present, our company is a member of the Ukrainian Exporters Association Ukrzovnishtrans and it is a participant in a number of promising seafaring-business related projects.

Among our company's major activities the following are found:

Shipping agent services:

Regular circumstances of work usually require certain actions to be performed on a ship entering a port (loading/unloading cargo, tugging, etc.). Concurrently with it, calling at a port may obviate the need for a number of auxiliary services to be rendered as well as certain formalities fulfilled and payments made. Some of the operations require a degree of preliminary preparation before the vessel's arrival and attention after its departure. In order to optimize carrying out such tasks around the time of a ship's stay at a port, ship-owners resort to services of ship agents.

Freight forwarding:

Our company is among the few companies capable of carrying out comprehensive FOB and CIF freight forwarding from the manufacturer's shop floor to the recipient's warehouse. Goods are delivered by either chartered vessels or time-chartered vessels.

Tonnage charter:

Our brokerage company in Ukraine and its representative offices in Istanbul and Piraeus offer to charterers:

  • any tonnage
  • any destination
  • minimal charter rates
  • market surveys to determine the price of given goods in the Mediterranean area
  • assistance in resolving disputes between consigners of goods and their partners
  • advice on average charter rates in the Azov sea, the Black sea and the Mediterranean sea
  • information services on the situation of the charter market.
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